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Group Training

Our 50-minute group classes give you the best of both worlds: the attention of an expert trainer and the support and motivation of a whole team behind you.

Each one of our classes are designed and guided by a professional coach to ensure that every member gets the most out of their session, and maximises their results. You’ll be coached with the knowledge, skills, and techniques to not just reach your goals, but a whole new level of wellbeing.

From high intensity sessions incorporating resistance training, body weight and cardio to raise your heart rate and burn calories, through to strength and conditioning classes combining isolated exercises mixed with compound movements to help our members develop muscular strength, power, endurance and range of motion, we’ve got a class that fits everyone!



Our most proven, effective, and comprehensive formula! The Elev8 Health & Performance 8 Week Transformation Challenge is more than just a training routine. It’s our most sought-after challenge, that maximises your health and fitness goals, and boosts your results.

Our program will equip you with the knowledge and skills to take your results well beyond the 8 weeks. Our highly qualified coaches will guide you through every step of our tailored training structure, which is designed like no other to ensure you maximise your results. We educate our challengers by supplying you with tailored nutrition plans that give you a variety of meal options and recipes.

But the very best part? Our amazing Elev8 family will be behind you every rep, set, and step of the way. Our community of supportive, driven and positive people are the key to our member’s incredible results, which are right there to see, in their physique, confidence and the huge smiles on their faces!

At Elev8, we’re the transformation EXPERTS.


Looking for a short, sharp kick up the butt to get your fitness back on track? Our 28-Day Challenge is it!

This challenge is one of our favourites because it’s proven to work for everyone. No matter your fitness level, no matter your goals, no matter where you are on your fitness journey, the 28-Day Challenge will kick-start your progress. We help you map out your first 28 days, and give you a tailored program that guides you through your fitness goals.

Because sometimes all you need is to reset your goals, and follow a plan that works.

Personal Training

Health and fitness isn’t a one-size-fits-all matter, so our personal training programs are made to fit only one person: YOU!

Our trainers are highly qualified and have diverse and extensive experiences in the fitness industry, multi-discipline training, and elite sports. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, along with the latest in modern training methods to provide individualised programs to help you achieve your best.

For the times when you need accelerated results, intensive coaching, or just that little extra push and accountability, our personal training sessions are the ultimate investment in reaching your goals.

Nutrition Specialist

To train your best, you’ve got to fuel your body the right way. But it’s hard if you don’t know the science behind the food you eat. We know it’s not always easy knowing which foods deliver the results you’re after, so we’ve partnered with a full-time practicing dietician & nutritionist to take the guesswork out of your nutritional needs.

Designed to compliment your training, our qualified team is on hand to provide advice, support, and one-to-one nutrition planning to help you reach your goals. You can reach out to us at any time to ask questions, and when you’re ready to take your health and fitness to the next level, book in for your personal consultation session.

Supplement Store

Supplements aren’t all about protein shakes and pre-workouts. When used the right way, supplements are there to fill in the gaps that your body needs to really maximise your training and nutrition.

Our fully-stocked supplement store carries the complete Syn-Tec Nutrition Supplement range. Syn-Tec guarantees you greater quality products—but more importantly, better quality nutrients, integrity, and effectiveness. All of them tried, tested, and personally recommended by our team.


Our athlete development program is the step you need to take it from athlete to building a champion!

We have an unrivalled reputation for building champions, with our athletes including worldwide names in a range of sporting disciplines. We’ve helped build international champions in BMX and freestyle motocross, and national champions in motocross and supercross, mountain biking, cycling, jet skiing, wakeboarding, and golf.

Our athlete development program will coach you to identify your specific goals, structure an individual periodised training program and develop methods and techniques that will see you reach your full potential.

Train with professional athletes who know what it takes to reach the top.


How much does membership cost?

We offer two membership options:

  • $44.95 per week for a 12-month membership
  • $49.95 per week with no lock-in contract

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How does membership work?

Our membership is easy.

We have flexible options with no contracts, no sign-up fees, and no cancellation fees. You just pay your weekly membership fee, and you get access to unlimited group training—that’s 25+ sessions per week, plus exclusive member benefits!

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What classes are available?

We offer a range of classes for people of all fitness levels, from all walks of life.

No matter if it’s your first day starting your fitness journey, right through to experience gym-goers and athletes. We make sure you get the absolute most out of every session in a safe, controlled environment.

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ATHLETICA: Athletica focuses on short, fast-paced interval training for a high-intensity workout. Want to increase your metabolism, burn fat, build strength, and sculpt a lean, toned body? Athletica is the program for you.

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING: The Strength & Conditioning sessions help you improve your current strength, muscle endurance, and technique, in a class that’s designed to challenge you physically and mentally. Split into two sections, these classes will help you boost your strength, increase lean muscle mass, improve your lifting skill, and burn fat. 

ELEV8 SIGNATURE: Elev8 Signature classes are full-body, action-packed, high-intensity, calorie-burning sessions. 50 minutes of heart-starting fun. Signature combines resistance training, body weight exercises, and cardio to burn fat and put your overall fitness to the test. This is the workout session that offers it all.

FUNCTIONAL LIFTING: Functional Lifting classes are designed with barbell lifts in mind: think squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press, and Olympic lifts. You’ll focus on improving the skill of your lifting, increasing strength, boosting confidence, and incorporating mobility work into your routine.

DAYTONA CIRCUIT: This circuit-based session combines all the aspects you see in your weekly classes into one epic workout. Run only on the weekends, Daytona Circuit Saturdays utilise a variety of different movements and make use of all types of equipment. 

POP-UP CLASSES: We also offer special pop-up classes. Regularly covering stretching and mobility, pop-up classes can be designed to cater to whatever the class wants. This is a unique way to get the most out of your Elev8 Ultimate membership.

How do I get started?

Easy. Head to our Contact page, fill in your details, and then complete our pre-screening questionnaire. We’ll then be in touch to talk through your fitness goals, membership options, and any other questions you might have about joining the Elev8 community.

What’s the 28-Day Challenge?

The 28-Day Challenge is a short, sharp, kick up the butt to get your fitness back on track. By signing up and paying your Challenge fee, we help you map out a tailored 28-day fitness plan. You get a unique training program to burn fat, get your heart pumping, and guide you through your fitness goals. You get full body scans, before and after photos, and a meal plan designed by a qualified nutritionist to accompany your progress.

We’ve made it easy to follow and as structured as possible, so you can clearly see the end goal.

This is going to be the best decision you’ve ever made

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