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Elev8 Health & Performance

Elev8 Health and Performance are the Northern Gold Coast’s most unique and supportive fitness community! Since 2014, our team have been focused on taking the monotony and mundane out of training and providing results-driven and lifestyle-inspired programs that ensure you Elev8 your results.

We’re a team of highly qualified and experienced trainers who strive to make health and fitness a foundation for your everyday life and our industry-leading facilities are designed with your results in mind. Whether your goal is a healthier lifestyle, weight loss, strength and conditioning, sports specific conditioning or the fun atmosphere of functional group training, we have the gear and the team to make sure you reach your goals.

Beyond just the push-ups, burpees and squats, we’re a community that motivates, supports and inspires each other through every rep, set and step of the way!

We cater for all fitness levels; from beginners right through to professional athletes and our trainers are experts in getting the best performance out of you, every single session. We fight every day for happier and healthier humans. Join our Elev8 family and experience the difference.

Our facilities

When you step foot in Elev8, you’re here for one reason: to see results. So while we’re a compact space, our fully-equipped training area has all the equipment you need to get you moving, and your heart pumping.

Most fitness facilities out there are made up of machines that require you to sit and lift in a fixed plane of motion. But there’s not much skill involved here, and no development of motor control and coordination. After sitting down for 8 hours at work, wouldn’t it make sense to move your body like it was made to?

At Elev8 Health & Performance we teach the fundamentals of strength and conditioning. Our facility is made up of free weights, conditioning equipment, and open space, so we can teach you how to move.

We have change rooms and shower facilities, so once you’re finished you can get refreshed before getting on with your day.

Members Testimonials

Joining Elev8 was by far the best decision I have ever made. It has not only changed my physical appearance but more importantly, it has changed my mindset. With a variety of sessions to suit all fitness abilities and trainers that ooze knowledge and experience, you are guaranteed a fitness journey like no other. Thanks Elev8!

Kat Inman

Have been going to this gym for a year now and it's crazy to see how far I've come. The trainers make sure everything you are doing is correct and will also push you. The new monthly challenges have also been great to see just how far you've come.
It's great to be in such a supportive environment where everyone encourages new and old members to live an active lifestyle in and out of the gym.

Kel D

The best gym on the coast!! The trainers are first class and the atmosphere in the gym is always so encouraging pushing members of all fitness levels to achieve their best at every session! It’s always a good vibe! I highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their fitness, make some great new friends and have fun doing it!

Jane Lawrie

This is the best gym on the coast, hands down! Luke and his team of professionals make every workout different and can be modified to varied levels of fitness/health. I started at Elev8hp a few years ago having not trained for years, and after getting involved in challenges and daily workouts - I wish I had done it years earlier. Friendly, supportive atmosphere, super clean, reasonably priced and knowledgable. 5 stars.

Elisa Mottram

Joining elev8 has been the best gym to join. The amazing session the coaches come up with I always come out and feel i have achieve something. Everyone is so welcoming supports and motivate one another. Elev8 offer a wide range of classes something new everyday.

Ashleigh Woodbury

I’ve been with Elev8 for over 12 months now and I can’t get enough. The other members are all very encouraging and help you achieve your goals. The coaches are first class and they always have a variety of exercises for all classes and to suit all fitness levels. I would recommend Elev8 to anyone that’s looking for a friendly and fun environment to get fit in.

James Rodger

Such a great gym best on the coast hands down. The trainers are awesome and know what they’re doing, the classes are great and all the members are welcoming and bring a great atmosphere to every workout.

Aaron Smyth




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